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I’m not sure you noticed, but I revamped my website recently. Nothing over-the-top dazzling, mind you, but I changed up some colors, re-worked a few pages, added a Gallery page, and updated some awards lists…and then I found this page. Sigh.

According to my good friend, Merriam, a blog is supposed to be updated regularly, but it appears, I’m more the irregular type. Yeah, like that’s a surprise. Anyway…for the past few days, I’ve been mulling over what profound bit of wisdom, whimsy, or just plain whining I could come up with to fill the void…and I settled on just a few highlights over the past several months.

One of the biggest highlights of the year was just waking up on September 11th after a hurricane named Irma whipped her way through my neighborhood. I was alive. My friends were alive. My family was alive, and all our homes survived the night. Irma was the fourth hurricane I’ve had the “pleasure” to meet, and I’ll be very happy if I never “meet” another one.

I’m almost ten months into a relationship with a woman who makes me smile every day we’re together. It is a relationship based on love, but built on trust and honesty, laughter and sighs, respect and understanding…and honestly, what else can you ask for? We’ve taken some short vacations and some long ones, just traveling around Florida to see the sights, but whether we’re lounging on beaches, walking in the surf, strolling through museums, or just hanging out doing nothing except enjoying each other’s company…it feels good, and it feels right.

My crazy herd of cats and dogs are doing great! They constantly amuse us with their antics, whether it’s Nikki stealing Chip’s toy, Duke squawking because he wants to be brushed, Zoie’s demands for belly rubs, or Daisy, the Great Gecko Huntress, looking for her next prey. Cats…what can I say?

In December 2016, I published my fourth novel, Born Out of Wedlock, and it roared into 2017 like a lion! It found its way to the top of the charts on Amazon and Apple, and I’m happy to say, it stayed there for months on end. To make things even better, to date, Born Out of Wedlock has received three, count them three awards, and it was a finalist in two others. Wahoo!

And I’m now working on my fifth novel, yet to be titled, and if it had one, I wouldn’t tell you anyway, so don’t ask. So there! I’m only twenty chapters into it, but it’s definitely a work in progress…and it’s progressing nicely if I do say so myself. :)

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