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WINNER - Independent Press Award - LGBTQ Fiction - 2020
WINNER - National Indie Excellence Awards - LGBTQ Fiction - 2020
GOLD MEDAL - eLit Book Awards - Gay/Lesbian Fiction - 2020
SILVER MEDAL - Global Ebook Awards - Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Fiction - 2019
FINALIST - Best Book Awards - Fiction: LGBTQ - 2019

Robin Novak has made many choices in her life. She chose her career. She chose her friends, and she also chose to come out in college. Since that time, many women have walked in and out of Robin’s life, but two had left indelible impressions. The first was a crush, and the second…almost destroyed her. 

Mentally bruised and battered from an abusive relationship, in one short year, Robin has gone from being a successful author to someone struggling to breathe almost as much as she’s struggling to write. With her confidence shattered, and her self-loathing at an all-time high, when an unexpected inheritance comes her way, Robin doesn’t think twice. At the age of forty-four, Robin Novak packs up her life and her cats and moves to a place where she hopes to start fresh. But a change of location isn’t the only thing Robin is looking for. After her last relationship, she knows this move will also drastically reduce the possibility of ever having another woman in her life.

Choices made create the paths on which we travel. Down some, friendships are born, and down others love is found, and during those journeys, lives change, truths are discovered, secrets are revealed, and high school crushes…can sometimes walk back into your life.  

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