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Going on Red

Going Red Small.jpg
WINNER  -  Independent Press Award in LGBTQ Fiction - 2021
WINNER - National Indie Excellence Awards - LGBTQ Fiction - 2021
SILVER MEDAL - eLit Book Awards - LGBT Fiction - 2021
SILVER MEDAL - Global Ebook Awards - Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Fiction - 2021
FINALIST - Book Fest Awards - Fiction LGBTQ - 2020
FINALIST - International Book Awards - LGBTQ Fiction - 2021

Brodie Shaw not only loves her life, she lives it to the fullest. A successful architect, she spends long hours turning her clients’ dreams into reality, but when Friday night comes along, Brodie’s focus shifts from work to play…because Brodie likes to play.


Out and proud, Brodie doesn’t lack in female companionship. As long as it lasts for only one night, Brodie is content to go about her life. She’s not interested in a relationship, and out of all the women who have come and gone from her life, not one has turned Brodie’s head for more than it took to bring her to climax, and then she meets Kate Monroe.


Kate Monroe is dedicated, diligent, and determined. A Detective Inspector on the outskirts of London, Kate is as disciplined in her job as she is in her life because Kate has a stubborn streak, and Kate has a plan. She’s plotted out her life like a roadmap, but upon meeting Brodie Shaw, another avenue appears. It’s tempting. It’s oh so tempting, yet a life set in stone is not easily crumbled, and Kate’s not one to give up without a fight.


Love happens out of nowhere. A glance, a touch, a scent, a word, and a life planned to the nth degree is altered in the blink of an eye. It’s a detour you tell yourself you don’t want to take. You can’t take it. You shouldn’t take it. You must not take it, and you do everything in your power to stay on the straight and narrow path you had planned…or do you?

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