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The Case of the Traveling Books

Okay, so here’s where the hokey side of me shines, if it hasn’t already. A while ago, a reader on Facebook shared a picture of one of my books which she was reading at the time. To say the least, I loved it...and it got me to thinking. (Uh oh)


I've decided that this page will contain pictures sent to me from readers, so if you’d like to contribute, please feel free to contact me either on Facebook or via email. I don’t care if you’re comfy in your living room, snuggled in front of a fireplace in a ski lodge, soaking in a hot tub (bubble baths only, girls!), or sitting in your kitchen, back yard, on a train, on a plane, in an automobile (Tesla drivers or passengers only please) or on a beach, just remember, the pics have to show the cover of one of my books to make the cut.  

Carry on...

Contributor: Chelsea Jessick
When: 9-10-2016
Where: Enjoying the beach

Contributor: Nychole Cannon
When: 9-11-2016
Where: Comfy at home
LGBT+ Youth
Need Your Help
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