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Okay, so if you took the hour and read my "About" page, you'll remember I said there wasn't anything I didn't like about writing. That's not exactly true. I love writing, but I suck at marketing.  Don’t get me wrong – I love talking about my books, but pounding the virtual pavement in search of interviewers, bloggers, or reviewers has never been something I’ve been comfortable with. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky enough to be approached by several wonderful women who took it upon themselves to contact me, and if there are anymore of you out there - just saying...

2013 - Interview by Harper Bliss 
2013 - Interview by Michele M.  Reynolds
2013 - Interview by Yah Gotta Read This
2014 - Interview by Gigaverse - Part 1
2014 - Interview by Gigaverse - Part 2
Tips and Insights from Successful Online Authors (scroll down page to find my input)
Voices of Lesbian Literature


Lyn Gardner interviewed by Marion Dries on the Women and Words, Voices of Lesbian Literature Podcast

November 24, 2015


 "I was thrilled to speak with the author of three wonderful romance novels: Ice, Mistletoe and the epic Give Me A Reason. She’s working on some new stuff (hint, hint!) and we’ll talk about her writing process."

2013 - Curve Magazine 
2013 - Curve Magazine 
2013 - Curve Magazine 
LGBT+ Youth
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