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Biding Time

Biding Time ebook.jpg
GOLD MEDAL  -  Global Ebook Awards in Fantasy/Contemporary - 2022 
GOLD MEDAL  -  Global Ebook Awards in Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Fiction - 2022 
WINNER  -  International Book Award in LGBTQ Fiction - 2022 
SILVER MEDAL  -  eLit Book Awards in Gay/Lesbian Fiction - 2022
FINALIST  -  International Book Awards in Fiction: Fantasy - 2022

Time is relative. You’re born. You live, and you die, your lifespan predisposed by your species, your health, and your luck. But what if there were a species who colored outside the lines?

In Back Bay, Massachusetts dwells such a person. She goes about her life wanting nothing more than to run her business, right some wrongs, and never love again. She keeps her footprint small and her circle of acquaintances even smaller, and she’s an expert at it. So, when her neighbor, Ruby Miller, makes her interest known, it falls on ears deafened by centuries of life.

Betrayal leaves scars. Imprinted on your heart and in your mind, they simmer under the surface of every hour of every day of every year, constant reminders of pain, sadness, and loss. Some handle those wounds with retaliation, paying back the hurt with hurt of their own, while others use the ache of a fractured heart like a talisman. Forever holding onto a keepsake filled with the ruins of love gone wrong, they erect walls and promise themselves they’ll never love again.

Just because you deny it, doesn’t make it go away. Just because you put others in its path, doesn’t weaken its hold. And just because you’ve loved and lost countless times, doesn’t mean the right love won’t come along. Love is not ruled by the brain, but rather the heart…and even the most damaged is not immune to its sway.


"This is the best Vampire Story! I was not exactly expecting much when I statted this book. However, I quickly became fascinated with Bennett. This story has so many interesting characters I couldn’t put it down. I selected this because of the lesbian angle of the story. But I have to say that even if you removed that from this story line it would still be fantastic.
This will go on my favorites bookshelf for sure."  
CM Rich, AMAZON, 10/27/2021


"If I could give this book 10 stars, I would. It grabbed my attention from the first page all the way through until the end. I literally could not put it down. It has all of the intrigue of a suspense novel, with a love story. It was brilliantly written. Lyn is my favorite author, and all of her books are highly recommended. The only complaint I have is that there are enough books by this author. YET!"  L. Grady, AMAZON, 10/21/2021


" What a ride! I decided to read Biding Time because I love Lyn Gardner’ stories. I was never inclined to read about vampires, about anything supernatural or even remotely horror. But, I started reading. I was instantly hooked into this story. I knew nothing about vampires except seeing Twilight a long time ago. This book is amazing. It has love, sadness, loss, very hot scenes and by the time you’re a quarter into the book, you forget you’re reading about beasts that may or may not exist. The book is long, but I never wanted it to end. It has twists and surprises and it will keep you turning the pages.
I couldn’t put it down." 
E. ANTON, AMAZON, 12/02/2021


"Lyn Gardner has always been a favorite of mine, but I've only read her books in the romance genre. I've never read her fantasy books. This was an absolute treat. Love her characters, her descriptions, and the dialogue. Buy this book! Read this book! Love this book!"



"If you are after a short sweet read this is not the book for you, this book could easily become a Classic. I have read lots of vampire stories, this is the best by far. I could not put the book down, Lyn can bring a story together like no other. Every time you turned a page you got so entrenched you can't wait to read the next page. Not giving away anything but this is one book Lyn needs to write a sequel too. Thank Lyn for such a wonderful book."  RARO_GIRL72,AMAZON, 10/28/2021

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