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Give Me A Reason

WINNER  -  National Indie Excellence Awards in LGBTQ Fiction - 2015
FINALIST - International Book Awards for Fiction - Gay/Lesbian - 2015
SILVER MEDAL - Global Ebook Awards in Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Fiction - 2014
SILVER MEDAL - eLit Book Awards in Gay/Lesbian Fiction - 2014
FINALIST - GCLS Ann Bannon Popular Choice Awards - 2014
FINALIST - GCLS Contemporary Lesbian Fiction - 2014
FINALIST  -  International Author Network Book of the Year Awards in Romance - 2017 

Intelligent, confident and beautiful, Antoinette Vaughn had it all until one night she went to help a friend and paid for it...with a life sentence in hell. 

Four years later, Toni’s judgment is overturned, but the damage is already done. She walks from the prison a free woman, but she’s hardly free. Actually, she’s hardly alive. A prison without rules can do that to a person.

She was raised amidst garden parties, stables and tennis courts, but now a dingy flat in a decrepit building is what Toni calls home. It’s cold, dark and barren just like her heart, but it suits her. She doesn’t want to leave much behind when she’s gone, but the simplicity of her sheltered existence begins to unravel when a beautiful stranger comes into her life. 

How does anyone survive in a world that terrifies them? How do you learn to trust again when everyone is your enemy? How do you take your next breath and not wish it were your last? And if your past returned...what would you do?


"When I started this book two days ago, I thought I'd be taking a slow and scenic drive. Instead I lost sleep. I found myself waking early and reading into the late hours of night. Even my work dedication faltered. I found myself yearning to continue this story if only for ten minutes at a time through out the day. Putting it to rest has been hard. I don't know in the long run if I'm a Toni or a Laura but I found pieces of myself on each page. Brilliant."  



"Well written, great character development, just enough suspense, lots of secondary characters to admire, LOTS OF LOVE. An excellent read. I highly recommend it.."  KRISTINA ORCHARD, AMAZON, 06/08/2017


"Outstanding book. Blown away. I wish Amazon had a ten-star system. Give Me a Reason is a long book but well worth the read. I will have to read it again. An extremely well-written plot with fascinating twists and turns."  

NEOTRINITY13, AMAZON, 04/11/2017


"IFrom start to finish, this story was absolutely wonderful. The two main characters were written with so much depth that I actually believed I knew them, felt their joy, confusion, and anger. This story and Born Out of Wedlock are two of my favorites from this author, though I would rate this higher. Highly recommended for a fan of the genre and fans of "darn good books."  CHRISJ, AMAZON, 02/18/2017


"I found this story to be amazing. I couldn't put it down. I shed tears of sorrow and tears of joy as I read it. From unbelievable horrors to beautiful sentiments, this story contains it all. I read and really enjoyed ICE, then I read BORN OUT OF WEDLOCK and found it to be a deeper, more emotionally involved story that I enjoyed even more, but I have to say that this one surpassed them both. Great character development not just from the main characters, but from the supporting cast as well. Really nice job."  JESSY LEE, AMAZON, 01/11/2017


"This is now officially one of the best books I've ever read! I got so emotionally involved with Toni and Laura that it was very hard to put the book down and I was honestly depressed when the book was finished! A beautifully written love story and well worth reading. Please don't let the length of this book deter you from reading it----you will be pulled right into it."  

THE OLD ONE, AMAZON, 01/05/2017

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