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Born Out of Wedlock

WINNER  -  International Book Award LGBTQ Fiction - 2017 
SILVER MEDAL  -  eLit Book Awards in Gay/Lesbian Fiction - 2017
SILVER MEDAL  -  Global EBook Awards in Gay/Lesbian/LGBTQ Fiction - 2017
DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE  -  Independent Press Award in LGBTQ Fiction - 2017 
FINALIST  -  National Indie Excellence Award in LGBTQ Fiction - 2017 
FINALIST  -  International Author Network Book of the Year Awards in Romance - 2017 
RUNNER-UP - Rainbow Book Awards - Lesbian Contemporary Romance - 2017
DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE  -  NYC Big Book Awards - LGBTQ Fiction - 2017

Two women. Two worlds. Two problems...and two attitudes. 

Addison Kane does not want for much. With a touch equaling that of Midas and a confidence overstepping the borders of arrogance, Addison’s ability is vast, yet her focus is narrow. Her vision tunneled by haunting memories of her youth, she is blinded to the peripheral. She doesn’t care that life is passing her by. She doesn’t notice as friends fall to the wayside, and the finery that comes from wealth holds no importance for Addison is single-minded. Her goal is the ultimate of paybacks. She needs to succeed like no other before her and prove someone wrong. 

Joanna Sheppard lives a simple life because she can afford no other. At the age of seventeen, her father falls ill, and for the next eleven years, Joanna’s sole focus is providing for the only parent she has ever known. For the man she loves with all her heart, she gives up her dreams and doesn’t look back. She goes about her days with no complaints, working three jobs so she can pay off her father’s creditors, but there is no light at the end of Joanna’s tunnel...or so she thinks.

When an edict from the grave threatens all Addison holds dear, two women from two different worlds are brought together, and a deal is struck. In exchange for uttering a few words, both get what they need...but not what they bargained for. 

There is a thin line, as they say, but when it is crossed, can love survive when more family secrets are revealed? 


"As a retired librarian, I will admit that I am something of a "book snob" and yearn for finely written lesbian fiction. Born Out of Wedlock certainly fits the bill. Lyn Gardner has carefully crafted an excellent story filled with well developed characters, a steadily moving plot, dialogue that rings true, and an interesting setting that symbolizes the progression of the tale."  LUCINDA HUGHES, AMAZON, 02/05/2017


"One of the best books I've read, the writing was amazing and not one error in sight...This book really got and held my attention from start to finish. Love it so much so that I have bought another book from this author. She's definitely gained a fan in me."  STEPH, AMAZON, 03/29/2017


"This book is one of my favorites and surely will read it again. The characters are well developed even those whose appearance is minimal. The way Ms Gardner develops the story is brilliant. The book is so well written and the story so interesting that you read through the book not even considering how long it is because you are so embeded in the story. Flying colors to this book. Hope there will be a sequel."  NTAR, AMAZON, 06/25/2017


"Its so refreshing to read a lesbian romance, so very different from any other book I've ever read on this genre. It's beautiful, very well written and I'm not afraid to say it might be the best book I've ever read on this genre. There's always something that will make you want to keep turning page after page. I book this long and I felt like it wasn't long enough."  

TATIANA, AMAZON, 04/30/2017


"There are few authors who can weave together such a thoroughly magnificent tale the way Lyn Gardner can. This novel made me run the gamut of emotions, and although it was over 500 pages I never wanted it to end. I've read all of her books and while Give Me A Reason was another spectacular read, I believe this novel tops it and it's my new favorite. Phenomenal book!"  AVID READER, AMAZON, 03/14/2017

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