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GOLD MEDAL - Global Ebook Awards in Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Fiction - 2014
WINNER - Indie Book of the Day - April 19, 2013
FINALIST - National Indie Excellence Book Award in LGBT Fiction - 2014

The last time Maggie Campbell and Alexandra Blake worked together, they both received two-week suspensions. This's worse.

Ice begins when a boy is kidnapped from a London park and Detective Inspectors Alex Blake and Maggie Campbell are brought together to work on the case. While their goal is the same, their work ethics are not. Intelligent, perceptive and at times disobedient, Alex Blake does what she believes it takes to do her job. Maggie Campbell has a slightly different approach. She believes that rule books were written for a reason. 

Unexpectedly, their dynamics mesh, but when her feelings for Alex become stronger than she wants to admit, Maggie provokes the worst in Alex to ensure that they will never be partners again. 

Three years later, fate brings them together again. Their assignment is simple, but a plane crash gets in their way. Now, in the middle of a blizzard, they have to try to survive...and fight the feelings that refuse to die.


"Awesome, riveting a true love story from beginning to end, I couldn't put it down filled with excitement, charm and adventure, the pages just flew by far to quickly ."  DONNA-LIZA GIDLOW, AMAZON, 06/19/2017


"I believe Lyn Gardner is an outstanding author. Having read the three novels she has published so far I hope she continues to write in this genre. Her books are honest, filled with real emotions, and heartfelt reality. I truly appreciate Me. Gardner's work.."  BARBARA GOURDINE, AMAZON, 02/26/2017


"This book is absolutely amazing.!It has you on your toes the entire book. As soon as you think you know what is going to happen, something else happens. Loved it and can't wait to read more from this author."  ALYSHA, AMAZON, 02/13/2017


"This is a great book! I am shocked that this is Lyn Gardner's first novel. Love, adventure, and some steamy scenes make this the perfect lesbian romance. Bravo, Ms. Gardner."  VAL H, AMAZON, 01/05/2017


"This book and its characters captured me from the beginning and now that its over I miss the suspense, chemistry, and ultimate romance between the characters and I miss the story! I may just have to start reading this book again!! Perfection!"  ACRAIG, AMAZON, 12/29/2016


"By far one of the best stories I have read. I have actually read this multiple times. Very captivating. Money and time well spent. You will not be disappointed."  JACKIE O, AMAZON, 03/03/2016


"I am always reluctant to read lesbian fiction, as most of the books under this genre are just simply erotica, with no real story line. This book was refreshing. There was actually a story line. There were actual emotions besides those of lust. It also reminded me of that Scottish show "Lip Service". Love this author and I am currently reading her newest book. I definitely recommend this to those who want more than some cheap bedroom erotica."  BRIANNA, AMAZON, 10/07/2015

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