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WINNER  -  Indie Book of the Day - December 28, 2013

Three sprigs of mistletoe, two women...and an elf on a mission. 

Four-year-old Diana Clarke sends her wish to Santa Claus, but lost in the lining of a sack, it isn't discovered for thirty years. Now, Santa has a problem. No child's wish has ever gone unanswered, but the child isn't a child anymore.

Believing there is nothing in Santa's Village to satisfy the little girl's wish now that she's an adult, he calls on a Higher Power and is given a suggestion. Although most of Santa's workshops contain only toys for boys and girls, there is one that holds a possible solution to his problem. Learning that Diana will be attending three upcoming Christmas parties, Santa calls on his lead elf to deliver three sprigs of mistletoe, hoping that under one, Diana Clarke will find what she asked for thirty years before.


"Amazing! Lyn Gardner's writing style is like no other! She's in a class all by herself! I've laughed out loud, literally, became teary eyed and embarrassingly aroused by the dramatic expressions of alphabets gathered across each page!! I've purchased every book that's offered electronically! Thirsty for more! Thank you!."  TWANA L. EDWARDS, AMAZON, 02/18/2017


"Christmas is never "out of season". This wonderfully written story proves the point that magic truly does exist if you just open your mind up to it. Such a sweet love story and one that I will read again and again---maybe especially at Christmas time. Thank you, Ms. Gardner, for reminding me that love is what life is all about!!."  THE OLD ONE, AMAZON, 01/20/2017


"Fun and enjoyable! I started reading before bed, and ended up finishing it that night. I gave it 5 stars because I can't stop smiling! Let's just say it made a believer of me :) Thank you Lyn G!"  TAMSIN, AMAZON, 08/20/2016


"Lyn Gardner is a fantastic author. This was a fun read, nothing to serious. I will be buying ever single this this author publishes, she is just that good."  

J THOMAS, AMAZON, 08/08/2014


"What a great love story with a little bit of magic! What a refreshing read! A treasure to hold close to your heart and makes you want to believe in all things possible. Thank you Ms. Gardner :-) Happy new year."  JULI S, AMAZON, 01/24/2014


"This is the second book I have read from Lyn Gardner. The two books are totally opposite, I love it. Mistletoe is a great refreshing story. The way it was written was perfect. The amount of character and plot development is exact for the story written. Some may think the story unrealistic, but those who do believe in true love will feel the reality for sure!!! I enjoyed the upbeat theme and love story at the same time. This book had a unique way of incorporating lightheartedness along with heated intimate moments for the two characters. Thanks Lyn for the great read - look forward to the next one!!!!!."  BRENDA, AMAZON, 08/04/2013

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