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What Has Happened to Etiquette?

Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to receive numerous e-mails from readers letting me know how much they enjoyed my books. Some e-mails are long and others are short, but no matter what the length, I cherish all of them.

I am honored to be in the position to receive these types of e-mails and I’ve always make it a point of answering them, but by some responses I receive back…it seems there are many authors who aren’t courteous enough to do the same. WTF?

I cannot tell you have many of these readers, after I respond to their first email, send me a second message starting with something along the lines of “OMG, you actually answered.” They then tell me they’ve written other authors and no one has ever answered them. Again WTF?

What has happened to etiquette? What has happened to being thoughtful and appreciative to those who (1) spent their hard-earned money purchasing a writer’s book and (2) took the time out of their busy day to tell those writers how much they liked it? When did an author’s time become more valuable than a reader’s that they can’t take a moment to respond?

Maybe I was just raised differently from others. Maybe some writers believe their lives are much too hectic to answer e-mails from readers or maybe, just maybe they’ve simply forgotten one little thing. Without readers…none of us have careers.

So, if you’re a reader and want to send me an email – feel free. It may sometimes take me a few days to answer it because real life does get in the way at times, but I WILL answer it. Not doing so would be rude.

Jumping off soapbox…

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